Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Here is a short drumming video from our health day today.  And follow this link to see some more pictures too.

4/5 D feed back for health day:

Grace: I liked the drumming and the part when you listened to the sound of the drumming
Beni: the running was really fun!
Marlo: it was really fun because my friend and I had a race
Matt: It was great weather for the trail running
Hayden: I enjoyed how we partnered up and did activities for crossfit
Fiona: seeing the pig lungs (to show effects of smoking) was kinds gross
Emma and Remi: when we learned about smoking and what's in it it was pretty shocking!
Isabelle: it's crazy how much chemicals they put into cigarettes (there are 7000!)
Easton: I liked how intense the Crossfit was
Addi: I liked how the Crossfit was challenging
Manuel: I was surprised that cigarettes have a product from hairspray in it!
Emma - I liked how with the drumming we are all working together to make the sound

Monday, 15 January 2018

This week in 4/5D:

Monday - we started gymnastics today!  Please follow the link to take a look at some of the great action photos from this morning.  Gymnastics Jan 15

Tuesday - tomorrow is out health day.  Students have been given their assigned afternoon activity spaces (see agenda's please). 

  • Those in crossfit need indoor shoes and clothes similar to gym (their gym strip is fine) 
  • trail runners need running shoes, a light jacket or long sleeve and a toque
  • those in yoga need some moveable clothing (mats will be provided but students are welcome to bring their own if they have one)

Wednesday - last class period to work on book talks (due Thursday)

Thursday - book talks and reading records are due

Friday (full day) - math weekly #7 is due

Friday, 12 January 2018

Next week starts off with a bang!

Monday - first thing we will be heading to our first class of gymnastics.  Please make sure that your child comes prepares with appropriate clothing (yoga pants, leggings, sweats or shorts) and then keep an eye out for the great pictures, on Twitter and our Blog, that I'm sure will come!

Tuesday - 4/5 Health day at LGMS.  Please see the letter attached below for all of the details.  And remember, if you are interested in volunteering for some or all of the day, please send me a note.

Health day letter

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow Spelling assignment #6 is due. 
There have been a few students chronically "forgetting" to bring their duotangs with their assignments done on Friday mornings so if possible, please give a gentle reminder tonight.

Students have also started writing scripts for a book talk presentation next Thursday.  If you'd like to see what information is needed in this script please follow the book talk link.  Students can choose to present live in front of the class, or video themselves to be played on the TV.  (Videos need to be in Google drive ahead of time, in the correct folder.  Each student has a folder called 4/5 Their Name, then it needs to go in their LA inside there.    Ex: 4/5 Blackwell - LA)

Finally - thank you all so much for helping to get gymnastics forms returned so quickly.  We start Monday morning, first thing :) 

Also next week on Tuesday our grade fours and fives will be participating in a health day with three morning session related to body image, drumming and healthy choices surrounding tobacco.  Plus a choice of three physical activities after lunch (yoga, trail running and crossfit).  If you are available and interested in helping out, please let me know :)

Monday, 8 January 2018

Welcome back to everyone!  We are getting started right away with some super exciting and important things this month- from health days to gymnastics to report cards, January has a lot to offer at LGMS :)

This week we start back on our regular homework schedule.  You should see spelling word lists, and duotangs to complete homework in, coming home tonight.  As always, this is due back by Friday morning for our test.

Also this week student group projects in Social are to be completed and we will start presenting these Thursday.  Each student will be marked on their individual presentation skills so having an audience at home to practice in front of would be helpful!

* Keep an eye out tomorrow for the gymnastics forms coming home, to be returned by Thursday.  We start our 5 weeks of gymnastics next Monday!  I'm attaching links to the 2 forms here if you'd prefer to print them out yourself*

Both of these are needed to participate in our gymnastics program:
LGMS form
Gymnastics club waiver